The Sims 4 collaborated with Google Expeditions to take a tour of the Maxis Studio through virtual reality

The Sims franchise continues to be popular in the gaming community. But one question runs in people’s minds: “How is The Sims 4 made?” The Sims 4 recently teamed up with Google Expedition to take a tour of the Maxis Studio, where they develop the game.

The Sims 4
EA’s The Sims 4 partnered with Google Expeditions in giving viewers and students a tour of Maxis Studios where the game is developed.

Stephanie Calgari, a producer at Maxis and the lead producer for The Sims 4 Expansion pack team, said that through Google Expeditions, viewers could see panorama pictures in The Sims 4 expedition. Viewers who have Google Cardboard could also take a look at how the studio makes the famous life simulation game.

Key people behind the company such as Maxis’ Chief Studio Officer Laura Miele and the game’s Executive Producer Lyndsay Pearson are featured on the tour to kick it off. They shall also introduce viewers to the designers, artists, and other staff behind The Sims 4. Calgari said that instead of just explaining the process, it would be better to show it.

Calgari, however, gave a sneak peek of what to expect in the tour. She said that they work with other artists, designers, and engineers to put together the game. She added that producers “make sure the game is fun and maintains features that people desire.”

From the first Sims game to the latest one, players never fail to get excited about it. In 2016, EA’s Andrew Wilson said that the player count for The Sims 4 grew by nearly two-thirds. While its mobile version, The Sims Freeplay, reached 200 million downloads during the year.

Meanwhile, a study showed that those who play The Sims are healthier and happier. Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst and the owner of the McKeown clinic said that life simulation games such as The Sims allows players to make their “perfect reality” to escape the stress of the real world.

Video from: Google For Education