'To The Moon' Animated Game Is Getting Its Own Animated Film

Any fan of the independent game industry has played a heartbreaking adventure game called To The Moon. It was initially released for Windows in 2011 but was later brought to Android and Apple. Freebird Games recently announced that the game will have its full-length animated film, and is reportedly in production for two years.

To The Moon earned many acclaims for its touching narrative and a remarkable soundtrack. The game took home the title of “Best Story” from GameSpot’s 2011 end-of-year awards and was nominated for several awards by some gaming outlets. The game’s storyline is focused on a pair of doctors who offer to fulfill a dying man’s wish of going to the moon by creating artificial memories. Freebird Games later developed a sequel called Finding Paradise, which is a continuation of the story on To The Moon.

Following Freebird Games announcement, creator Kan Gao posted a video about the announcement and reported some details.

The major animated feature film is a collaborative project of China and Japan, with China supplying the film’s fund and Japan doing most of the production. However, Gao didn’t announce the companies involved but said that the companies are “major” and “pretty big players in the animation industry.” “Those familiar with the animation industry will probably have heard of them,” he noted.

Freebird said on the press release that says that “First-tier Japanese animation production companies are aboard,” but specific details won’t be revealed until later. The company also announced that the film would have a “significant budget,” which is higher than the 2016 animated hit Your Name. Gao said that a good budget doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good film but “the lack of budget certainly doesn’t help.”

In addition to that, Gao won’t have absolute control over the project, but he will help “help steer in the right direction.”  While Gao still primarily focuses on making games, he will be involved with the script-writing, editing, and supervising process. “We will try our best to keep the original soul of the game intact,” Gao noted.

In the meantime, while waiting for more details on To The Moon‘s film, you can catch up on the game on Steam, Android, and iOS. We’re also noting to prepare a lot of tissues for the film.

'To The Moon' Animated Game Is Getting Its Own Animated Film
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