Sunday, February 24, 2019
One method of destructive fishing is bottom trawling which causes coral destruction and leave fishes without a habitat

Mankind Continues To Destroy Marine Life With New Fishing Method

With the prevalence fishing nowadays, people are getting more engaged in the activity. However, some result to destructive fishing methods; therefore, destroying marine life and habitat. The University of Western Australia...
Because of plastic pollution, marine animals unknowingly ingest the trash in the ocean

The Plastic Food Factory, Where Sea Animals Are The Customers

Plastic is the most common product on the planet. It is cheap and versatile with properties that make it ideal for many uses. As of this year, about 8 million metric...
California homes may soon be equipped with solar panels

New Homes In California May Soon Have Solar Panels

On May 9, the California Energy Commission will vote regarding a law which would mandate all new residential buildings to have solar panels by 2020. As of now, only 15 to...
Almost one-third of Australia’s threatened species have been left unmonitored

Animal Watch: One-Third Of Australia’s Species Left Unmonitored

One-third of Australia’s threatened species were left unmonitored, with warnings that they could quickly go extinct. The first national assessment of threatened birds, mammals, frogs, freshwater fish, reptiles, and ecological communities...
The rise in temperature to affect bat’s life cycles

Studies Find Extreme Weather Disastrous To Bats’ Life Cycle

It was found out by scientists that some bats, especially in Portugal experienced disrupted life cycles. They said that extreme weather in Europe caused this. It was revealed that bats in Portugal...
Feedback loop in freshwater lakes, debris from trees producing methane affecting bodies of water

Scientists Find Climate Feedback Loop In Freshwater Lakes

Scientists have discovered that methane discharge from freshwater lakes could double over the next 50 years because of a feedback loop. Further, debris from plants located in reed beds causes the...
Plasma bubbles trigger Outer Space Massive Magnetic Events

Outer Space Massive Magnetic Events Triggered By Plasma Bubbles

Scientists from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) of the Department of Energy's (DOE) in the U.S. have discovered essential conditions that give rise to fast magnetic reconnection, the process that triggers...
The pact that aims to eliminate plastic pollution

Companies Join Pact To Eliminate Plastic Pollution

Over 40 companies have signed a pledge to eliminate plastic pollution for the next seven years. Companies including Coca-Cola and Asda, as part of the pact, promised to honor pledges for cutting...
International Research Organization for Advanced Science and Technology new profound development on the enhanced process of ammonia

Japan Research Discovers Catalyst To Turn Ammonia Into Clean Fuel

Researchers from the International Research Organization for Advanced Science and Technology (IROAST) in Kumamoto University, in Japan, succeeded in unfolding a new catalyst which enhances ammonia (NH3) combustibility and transcends the...

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