Sunday, February 24, 2019
researchers have found an alternative to major surgeries for atherosclerosis, it is a non-invasive injection

Atherosclerosis Injection Research: Reversing Heart Disease Without Major Surgery Almost Possible

Emerging research on Atherosclerosis was presented at the American Heart Association's Vascular Discovery: From Genes to Medicine Scientific Sessions 2018 in San Francisco. The conference is the leading global exchange of...
Pride parades is a movement to fight against discrimination against the LGBTQ community

US Divided: LGBTQ Support Still Lacks In Some States

Two US States seem to be at polar opposites of the world. This is due to mixed news released on May 11, 2018. While the HRC enforced Nevada's Department of Education's...
The American Health Care Association launches the National Skilled Nursing Care Week which targets audience interaction as its main theme

Celebrating Life’s Stories: A Tribute To Life’s Events At The National Skilled Nursing Care...

The American Health Care Association (AHCA), in cooperation with nursing care centers and communities, will celebrate the National Skilled Nursing Care Week. Formerly known as the National Nursing Home Week, the...
STD cases in California once again reach record high

California Once Again Reaches Alarming STD Stats

California reaches another record high in STD cases. Officials are concerned because of the rise in the number of stillbirths caused by congenital syphilis. The California Department of Public Health recorded more...
Scientists were able to study Hepatitis B directly from the links from the past, it may now help mankind with modern medicine

New Prehistoric Hepatitis B Study May Help Shape Modern Medicine

The hepatitis B virus (HBV) is one of the most widespread human pathogens known to humanity today it affects over 250 million people worldwide. Now, due to a study at the...
Scientists discover that fasting reverses the aging process of stem cells in the intestines

Fasting As Catalyst To Stem Cell Function Reversion

The ability to regenerate begins to fail once people start to reach old age. So as people get older, they are more likely to have trouble regenerating, causing them to look...
International pet trading have caused the spread of the deadly frog disease from Asia, putting hundreds of frog species in danger of extinction

International Pet Trade Spreads Deadly Frog Disease From Asia

The deadly frog disease is known worldwide for being the most devastating wildlife disease ever known, but unfortunately, the pet traders lack knowledge about the said disease. Now, the virus is...
Food with GMO will soon be required to have labels

Food Manufacturers To Be Mandated To Label GMO Inclusive Goods

Food manufacturers will be mandated to place labels on GMO inclusive products beginning in 2020. The Department of Agriculture in the United States of America proposed new guidelines for labeling food...
The Irish Abortion Referendum will determine if the anti-abortion clause of the Irish Constitution should be repealed

The Irish Abortion Referendum: The Whats Of The Eighth Amendment

Irish Abortion Referendum: Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution emphasizes the role of the State in acknowledging the unborn's life with due regard to the equal right to life of the...
HIV/AIDS rapidly spread among one of Venezuela’s indigenous

HIV/AIDS Continues To Prevail In Venezuelan Indigenous Group

HIV continues to spread among the Warao, one of Venezuela’s indigenous groups. Recently, hundreds of them who live in settlements like Jobure de Guayo were killed by the virus because of...

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