Saturday, January 19, 2019
Artificial intelligence in cyberbullying

Artificial Intelligence vs. Cyberbullying: A Modern War

As technology develops, more people find ways on how to make it more useful and utilize its benefits for the welfare of other people. Often, people successfully find their way around...
Ozone-Depleting Chemical Is On The Rise Again But From An Unknown Source

Emission Of A Ozone-Depleting Chemical Is On The Rise Again, Coming From An Unknown...

Scientists reported that emissions of a banned ozone-depleting chemical are on the rise again. The event suggested that an unknown source may be secretly producing the chemical, despite the fact that...
Biologists inject RNA to transfer memories from one beng to the other

Science Breakthrough: Transferring Memories Via Injection Of RNA To The Brain Now Possible?

Biologists from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), just unlocked a groundbreaking discovery that could lead us to new ways to lessen the trauma of painful memories and to restore...
Stephen Hawking posthumously releases a new book which is a compilation of the late scientist’s answers to different phenomena on Earth

Stephen Hawking Answers Earth’s Questions In Final Book

Stephen Hawking posthumously released his final work, which is a collection of answers to natural phenomena he had studied on before he died. Hawking’s last book entitled “Brief Answers to Big...
Different schools will compete in the NASA’s Ice Challenge to extract water from a simulated ice bed, after scientists confirm signs of water on Mars

Water On The Red Planet: 10 Teams to Compete In NASA’s Mars Ice Challenge

Ten teams from different universities will participate in the NASA’s annual Mars Ice Challenge. The objective of the contest is for the teams to design, build, and test prototype systems that...
Scientists have unveiled a new study on the freeze response

Scientists Unveil Research On New Freeze Response In The Brain

The fight or flight response is now called the fight, flight or freeze response. Stress specialists around the world are adding the word freeze to the name regarding the fact that...
NASA will send out the first ever helicopter on Mars

NASA Will Send The First Helicopter On Mars

NASA announced that it will send the first ever Mars Helicopter along with the Mars 2020 rover. Four years in the making, the NASA team finally decided that the autonomous helicopter...
Heat waves intensify because of climate change, therefore affecting people and their health

How Killer Heat Waves Continue To Intensify Due To Climate Change

Every year, heat waves do not fail to claim people’s lives. Because of climate change, the temperature in some places surpasses a level which only some people cannot withstand without struggling....

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