Saturday, February 23, 2019
Artificial intelligence in cyberbullying

Artificial Intelligence vs. Cyberbullying: A Modern War

As technology develops, more people find ways on how to make it more useful and utilize its benefits for the welfare of other people. Often, people successfully find their way around...

Ultraviolet Overload: NASA Shows UV Survey Of Galaxies

NASA announced its complete ultraviolet light survey of nearby galaxies. The data gathered were as part of the Legacy ExtraGalactic Ultraviolet Survey (LEGUS), a Hubble Treasury Project. It works to look...
Researchers invented robots that can generate mini-organs from human stem cells

Robots Generate Mini-Organs From Human Stem Cells

An automated robotic system has been invented by researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle to produce human mini-organs from actual human stem cells. The automated robotic...
A Southern White Rhino is Pregnant, Bringing Hope To Save Her Cousins From Extinction

A Pregnant Rhino In San Diego Could Save Related Subspecies From Brink Of Extinction

A Southern White Rhino was successfully impregnated through artificial in insemination at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which gives hope in saving her cousins, the Northern White Rhino,  from the brink...
Heat waves intensify because of climate change, therefore affecting people and their health

How Killer Heat Waves Continue To Intensify Due To Climate Change

Every year, heat waves do not fail to claim people’s lives. Because of climate change, the temperature in some places surpasses a level which only some people cannot withstand without struggling....

Astronomers Have Out-Of-This-World Jamming Session

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts Drew Feustel, Scott Tingle and Ricky Arnold along with cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Anton Shkaplerov have a jamming session at the International Space Station...
NASA will send out the first ever helicopter on Mars

NASA Will Send The First Helicopter On Mars

NASA announced that it will send the first ever Mars Helicopter along with the Mars 2020 rover. Four years in the making, the NASA team finally decided that the autonomous helicopter...
Scientists have unveiled a new study on the freeze response

Scientists Unveil Research On New Freeze Response In The Brain

The fight or flight response is now called the fight, flight or freeze response. Stress specialists around the world are adding the word freeze to the name regarding the fact that...

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