Sunday, February 24, 2019

Samsung Disses Apple With New Ad

South Korean conglomerate Samsung mocks Apple on its latest ad. The brand took a hit on its rival on its issue of lagging and slowing down. The new advertisement is to...
Avengers Alliance OnePlus Package

OnePlus Is Releasing OnePlus 6 Marvel’s Avengers Edition

The two latest movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe became worldwide blockbusters, and the franchise is releasing Ant-Man and The Wasp in July. Plus, Marvel Studios recently released the box office...
Microsoft is predicted to reach a market cap of $1 trillion in the next 12 months

Morgan Stanley Predicts Microsoft To Reach $1 Trillion In Twelve Months

Since it was founded in April 1975, Microsoft has come a long way and is deemed one of the most prominent names in the tech industry. Now, the software giant is...
Artificial intelligence in cyberbullying

Artificial Intelligence vs. Cyberbullying: A Modern War

As technology develops, more people find ways on how to make it more useful and utilize its benefits for the welfare of other people. Often, people successfully find their way around...
Youtube tests Incognito in Youtube App

Incognito Mode Testing in YouTube Mobile App

YouTube, a Google-owned video service, is testing an incognito feature for its mobile app, specifically the YouTube App. The “Incognito Mode” will help give YouTube users more security when using the...
Researchers find new material that conducts unidirectional current that is structured like a honeycomb

Battery Life Now Possible To Increase By A Hundred Fold

A group of physicists led by Deepak K. Singh, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Missouri, developed a device that would solve the major problems of every...
AI is taking over everything, even journalism

Robo-Journalism: A New Era Of News

Technology is everywhere, but artificial intelligence is a different story. Artificial intelligence has taken over almost everything a human can do. The trend of “robo-journalism” started when the Associated Press tested...
SuitX introduced its exoskeletal modules to boost human power

SuitX Launches Exoskeletal Outfits That Aim To Boost Human Power

A new business called ‘SuitX’ is introducing exoskeletal outfits that help support one’s backs, shoulders, and legs. Michael McKinley, Vice President of Engineering and a company co-founder said that the exoskeletal...
Robert Downey Jr. to Host a YouTube Red Series about A.I.

Robert Downey Jr. to Host a YouTube Red Series about A.I.

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, producer Susan Downey, will both executive produce the show through their production company Team Downey. The online series is scheduled to air in 2019 on the...
NETGEAR produces first Orbi Triband Mesh WiFi Cable Modem Router

NETGEAR Introduces Cable Internet and WiFi In One

In a cost-cutting effect, NETGEAR produces a product that puts fast internet together in an appealing fashion for users. Internet connection has become a lot easier and sped faster by leagues...

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