Saturday, February 23, 2019
Instagram rolls out another update to their Story feature

Instagram Levels Up Users’ Interaction With Emojis

Following the poll sticker addition to the app’s Story feature, Instagram once again rolled out another poll feature. Users now have the option to use emoji sliders as a way of...
HUAWEI and Bitcoin created the first Bitcoin Wallet App to Help Chinese Consumers have smoother transactions online

HUAWEI Partners With Bitcoin To Create First Bitcoin Wallet App

The world's third-biggest handset maker, HUAWEI, partnered with Bitcoin to create the first Bitcoin wallet app. With Beijing banning ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings, a form of fundraising for cryptocurrency start-ups,...
Google continous to work with Qualcomm to improve Wear OS

Google Smartwatches Prepared To Go Against Apple Smartwatches

Going up against Apple's Smartwatch, Google might seem too ambitious even to try to compete. But critics are too quick to speculate because the tech giant has something up its sleeve....

MacBooks’ Design Flaws Cause Apple A Lawsuit

Since its release in 2015, Apple's 12-inch Macbooks have complaints stacking up. And now, the tech giant is hit with a class action lawsuit. The appellants are seeking damages and legal...
Cloudonix Certifies Digimum Asterisk

Digium Asterisk Phones Certified by Cloudonix

Telecommunication backbone Cloudonix announced that it certifies Digium's phones with its technology. Known for its high-end cloud communications technology, the company the approved the new Digium Asterisk Phones. After rigorous testing of...

Handheld Gaming Redefined By Upcoming HUAWEI Smartwatch

Chinese Tech Giant, HUAWEI is working on a smartwatch that could revolutionize handheld gaming, according to a recent patent filing. The company is developing an operation method that will let users...
Concerns about cybersecurity threat to the insurance industry

Buffett: Cybersecurity Is Going To Get Worse, Not Better

Warren Buffett, the CEO and Chairman of multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, said that incidents regarding cybersecurity would tend to rise. Because of such events, he believes that it will cause significant...
The possibility of a paid version of the social media site

Facebook Weighs On Ad-Free Version Following Data Scandal

Facebook is considering a paid version of the social media website which would remove advertisements for subscribers. The idea, which gained thrust within the company, emerged following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The...
Epson Robots awarded First Team in Leadership Automation Program

Epson Robots Awarded First Team In Leadership Automation Program

Last Wednesday, May 2, 2018, Epson Robots, the leading SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) robot manufacturer in the world, announced that it was recognized by PMMI Media Group's Automation World...
Youtube users number is the largest for a video streaming platform

Youtube Reaches 1.8 Billion Monthly Users

The absurdly high user number was announced during the Youtube's annual Brandcast advertising event; YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki declared that the company had reached a whopping total of 1.8 Billion monthly...

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