Saturday, February 23, 2019
Swarm of Drones Disrupt FBI Hostage Operation

Swarm Of Drones Disrupt FBI Hostage Operation

Criminals are weaponizing consumer Drones. Drones are playing a more significant role in robberies and the like. Beyond the well-documented incidence of house break-ins, criminal crews are using them to observe...
Overall coverage for Facebook's recent F8 developers conference

F8 Highlights: Dating, Clear History Features, Simpler Messenger Unveiled At Conference

Facebook announced some new features and updates for the social media website at its annual developers'' conference, F8. A new dating feature was announced, where users can set up their profile with...
Misty II crowdfunding commenced

Crowdfunding For $3,200 Misty II Commences On May 2, 2018

Misty Robotics has publicized Misty II, the second generation of its programmable robot. It was initially displayed at this year's CES (International Consumer Electronics Show). From the makers of the personal robot...
Cambridge Analytica's end

Cambridge Analytica Meets Its Doom

Political consultancy, Cambridge Analytica is under fire for using millions of Facebook users' data. Insolvency proceedings are starting to commence. Although SCL Group (Strategic Communication Laboratories) and its Cambridge Analytica consultancy were...
The stigma on Facebook's Smart-Speaker launch after scrutiny over user privacy

Facebook’s ‘Always Listening’ Smart-Speaker Set To Launch Internationally, Not In The US

Facebook possibly will launch its smart speakers internationally first. The company is looking to avoid the increased scrutiny over data privacy in the US following the Cambridge Analytica breach. An international rollout...

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