Cloudonix Certifies Digimum Asterisk

Telecommunication backbone Cloudonix announced that it certifies Digium’s phones with its technology. Known for its high-end cloud communications technology, the company the approved the new Digium Asterisk Phones.

After rigorous testing of the Digium Asterisk Phones, the certification ensures ease of connectivity and the best quality service for customers. The new Digium Asterisk phone has already been incorporated in 18,900 devices, and it was also merged with VoIP providers that are tested and certified to work on the Cloudonix platform.

The Asterisk phones are connected as end-points for an application running on the Cloudonix platform. Certification testing included call inception, call completion, and call quality. Since Asterisk is a software implementation that allows telephones interfaced with an assortment of hardware technologies to make calls to one another and can connect to telephony services, it is a viable software for Cloudonix to work with. Asterisk can connect to telephony services like the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) and the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Cloudonix stated that they are pleased to announce that they have certified the new Asterisk phones and that there was never any doubt in their minds that the new project would work. They assured everyone that the Digium team designs quality devices.

Malcolm Davenport, Digium Product Manager, said that as the creator and sponsor of the Asterisk project, it is known for offering high-quality communications products. The new A-series desk phones continue that tradition, providing Asterisk users phone to complement their trusted open source communications solution. Additionally, by buying a Digium product, each purchase of an A-Series phone helps to fund the Asterisk project, ensuring its longevity. The Cloudonix team looks forward to their ongoing relationship with Digium. With that being said, Cloudonix is sponsoring the Dangerous Demos at Astricon 2018 to be held on October 9-11, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.