Dragon Ball may have ended its season, but that doesn’t mean Toei Animation is over with expanding the Dragon Ball franchise. Today, Dragon Ball Heroes is reported to be the next anime adaptation in DB ecosystem, and here’s what you need to know.

Yonkou Productions, a well-known Dragon Ball leaker/enthusiast, share the news via Twitter. Official reports regarding the source state that a representative from Weekly Shonen Jump dropped a hint and was later picked up and reported by Yonkou Productions, which got the Dragon Ball fanbase buzzing.

“DBH’s [Dragon Ball Heroes] Universe Survival and Prison Planet arcs [will] be made into an RP Anime,” says @YonkouProd. Hence, if the report ends up to be true (since we haven’t received any confirmation from Toei Animation, as of yet), then we are up for another Dragon Ball anime experience.

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Adaptation Details

The adaptation will be a PR Title, meaning it intends to promote a separate title. Further, the episodes count for the anime adaptation is undetermined, saying it can either run on a short or long term.

The Dragon Ball franchise intends to promote its latest video game, Dragon Ball Heroes, along with its most recent arcs. The first pre-screening will be this summer on June 1, 2018, at the Dragon Ball event in Ion Lake Town.

Dragon Ball Heroes is the new anime adaptation of the popular Dragon Ball franchise

Regarding its streaming time, no information was provided. However, viewers are hoping for the series to drop this summer, and possibly stream the same day with Japan.

The Dragon Ball Heroes is very well-known for its elaborate and original take on the Dragon Ball franchise arcs. One example is the game’s spin on the Universe Survival Arc, and its current take on the Future Trunks arc. The plot could be a mystery to netizens as of now, but it is safe to say, the upcoming anime adaptation could paint a more extensive storyline.

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