Eren Yeager Might Be The Next Attack On Titan Villain

The Attack on Titan is known for its blindsiding plot twists, and the recent episodes are making fans quick to speculate that Eren Yeager, the series’ protagonist, might be the next hero-turned-villain tragedy in the show. The anime television series has come a long way since it was first aired on MBS between April 7, 2013, and September 29, 2013.

The Attack on Titan or ‘Shingeki no Kyojin,’ translated as “Advancing Giant,” started as a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The story follows on Eren Yeager and his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, who join the military to fight the Titans after their hometown is invaded. Eren’s mother was eaten by a titan during the invasion; which drove him to kill titans.

The plot is set in a world where humanity lives in cities surrounded by enormous walls protecting the humans from gigantic humanoids that are referred to as titans. The titans vary in height and eat humans seemingly without reason, with appetites that are never sated.

In the latest chapter of Attack on Titan, Eren’s heroic actions are questionable because he brought the war to Marley but did so without any orders. His move left him with blood on his hands for the deaths of so many people.

Eren’s need to take down the War Hammer Titan led him to kill countless of Marleyean citizens. Not only did his action kill casual citizens, but he also killed the country’s targeted higher-ups. Despite Eren’s questionable decisions and lack of remorse, Attack on Titan is careful not to sentence Eren as a villain just yet. But fans are keeping an eye on Eren Yeager and his questionable actions.

From his lack of empathy to his disregard for human life is setting off red alarms for readers and viewers. If Eren doesn’t change his actions and bad decision making, he might end up being just as bad as the Colossus Titan who wrecked his home and ate his mother years ago.