Overall coverage for Facebook's recent F8 developers conference

Facebook announced some new features and updates for the social media website at its annual developers” conference, F8.

A new dating feature was announced, where users can set up their profile with their first name. The company said that it would not be seen by friends and in News Feeds. They added that users would not be matched to their in-app friends.

Users will also be able to check out events related to their interests, and they will be able to see it and interact with other people attending it. A user’s dating profile will be shared with those people attending the event who also use the dating service.

Other details are still to be revealed, and the feature is set to be released later this year.

The move is a test for existing dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble because their apps rely on logging in via Facebook, which makes the process of creating dating profiles faster by gaining access to specific Facebook data.

Another new feature announced was a “clear history” privacy option. The feature lets users see information about apps and websites they have clicked and the option to clear such data.

This release was tied to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that surrounded the company. They also announced that users could turn off the option of having the information from apps and websites being stored in their profiles.

However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the feature has certain disadvantages. In his post, he said that it can “make part of your experience worse” and that “your Facebook won’t be as good while it relearns your preferences.”

The company says that it will take them a few months to build and make the feature public. According to Facebook VP and chief privacy officer Erin Egan, they are working with privacy advocates, academics, policymakers and regulators to get input on their approach.

Aside from new features, a Messenger update was also announced during the developers’ conference.

The Messenger app is going to have a significant design overhaul after bombarding the app with additions like games.

Zuckerberg emphasized on wanting users to experience a clean and fast messaging experience. Meanwhile, Messenger VP David Marcus announced that the update would come “very, very soon.” New additions include a dark mode and three central tabs that focus on communication features.