“Fight as five, win as one” is the theme for League of Legends’ new game mode, the Clash mode. Clash is something that LoL players have requested for years. Finally, Riot Games heard their pleas.

The Clash game mode gives players a feeling of participating in big League of Legends tournaments such as Worlds by creating teams to join in brackets. Photo from Riot Games

Clash allows a group of five players to compete in single elimination brackets. The tournament lasts three days, and teams could choose which day they start and how many days they will participate in the competition.

In this game mode, players of any skill level can compete together in one team. To be eligible for the tournament, one must have a rank in the game and should be at least Honor Level 2. The in-game rank is determinant of the team’s tier level. One team could include players of different ranks. However, high-level teammates could bring the tier up.

The team captain shall create their respective groups and invite friends to become members. However, once the group is complete and locked in, a captain cannot kick a teammate out.

The team captain also has the power to choose the team name, logo, and tag. They can change the details until the full team locks in before the first match. Tickets are also required to compete in Clash. To get tickets, one must complete missions in-game, ask from a teammate, or purchase them from the in-game store.

The game mode has been the subject of discussion for a long time. It has been in development but “Riot wanted to get it right,” said Leanne Loombe, the product manager for Clash at Riot Games.

“It’s something that we’ve been talking about, but we wanted to make sure it was the right design, and it was hitting the right goals, and it was giving the players exactly what they wanted,” Loombe explained. The developers at Riot also made sure to have the players participate in the development stage by asking for feedback from players.

Clash mode rolls out on May 25. Other updates for the game include the release of a new champion, Pyke who shall be available to play starting on the game’s Patch 8.11 update.

Video from League of Legends