Google continous to work with Qualcomm to improve Wear OS

Going up against Apple’s Smartwatch, Google might seem too ambitious even to try to compete. But critics are too quick to speculate because the tech giant has something up its sleeve. Google would be incorporating Qualcomm into their Google Wear OS. Apple’s smartwatches lead the market when it comes to tech on wrists.

Apple had already sold a whopping 8 million of their smartwatches during the last fourth quarter. Apple Watch sales are definitely on the rise; analysts say that Apple Watches are beating Android Wear worldwide. Due to competition, Google is stepping up its game and creating a new line of smartwatches which will be powered by Qualcomm chips.

Qualcomm is an American international semiconductor and telecommunications gear company that enterprises and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. Qualcomm’s Senior Director and Business Lead for Qualcomm’s Smart Wearables Segment, Pankaj Kedia, said that Google’s smartwatches would be faster and smarter, due to Google’s new AI assistant.

Kedia said that Qualcomm and Google have been working on the new chipset for quite some time. He even said that the companies had shared a next-generation smartwatch platform. He also said that the previous Android Wear, which is now renamed to Wear OS, have used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2100, but both they have designed a better chipset for what Google is aiming for this next launching of the New Wear OS. Kedia said that their focal points are how they significantly enhance their users’ experiences, and how Google Assistant works and how it presents itself. Also, the new smartwatch aims for more visually appealing but less power.

With Google offering its new Wear OS along with its new Pixel handsets and new earbuds, the company lets its users maximize the use of Google products. Google is showing its consumers that it can stand its ground and take on Apple.