Chinese Tech Giant, HUAWEI is working on a smartwatch that could revolutionize handheld gaming, according to a recent patent filing. The company is developing an operation method that will let users control the device by rotating and stretching the strap itself, instead of the integrated touchscreen.

The smartwatch has a lot of marvelous features. It can detect different types of movement, like being pulled or twisted. It can also observe whether it’s being held horizontally, vertically or at an angle. It then combines all of the information to trigger an action.

Huawei initially filed a patent in mid-December last year, and it published just recently. It follows up on two similar patents that Huawei recorded in 2015 and 2016. They showcase the advancements that the company has made to this idea of having a gaming-focused smartwatch.

The patent states, “According to a first aspect, an embodiment of the present disclosure provides a control method of a smart wearable device, where the device includes a fixing band, a fixing band touch-control area is set on the fixing band.”

HUAWEI is envisioning concepts where the new strap tech could come in use, and they aren’t all centered on gaming. It, for example, notes that it can be used to interact with applications by zooming and can even double as a virtual keyboard.

However, HUAWEI enthusiasts should not keep their hopes up due to statements in patents not always being lived up to. Huawei tends to apply for patents several times a month and only a handful of the products outlined ever make their way onto the market. If the company does come out with a product like this, it will surely be a significant differentiating factor for the smartwatch compared to others on the market. It will make other tech companies to step up their game and create better smartwatches.