Instagram rolls out another update to their Story feature

Following the poll sticker addition to the app’s Story feature, Instagram once again rolled out another poll feature. Users now have the option to use emoji sliders as a way of polling their followers. The original poll sticker, however, remains as a sticker option.

Users can find the slider option in the sticker tray after taking pictures for a story. The emoji slider works as a poll, with the slider being the indicator of how a specific user likes what he or she is seeing in another user’s story. The user can also choose from any emoji found in the library which would best suit the poll. Those who view the story can drag the slider up or down, and the results along with the average response are shown to the user when he or she clicks on the story views button.

Compared with the original poll feature which only has two choices, the slider poll gives users the freedom to a broader array of choices by using the slider to express their interest in a particular story. Both of these features, however, contributed to users’ interaction by creating an option to voice their opinions beyond direct messaging, tagging friends, commenting on, and liking posts.

Before the update, Instagram also made it possible for users to upload multiple photos or videos to stories. They also released an update for a new sticker which they could tag their friends instead of merely tagging them in text form. Another update was that users can now share in stories what they are playing on Spotify by clicking the share button from the Spotify app. These updates show that Instagram is working on ways to heighten even more how users interact with each other and make using the app enjoyable for everyone.