LEGO Games merges the experience of The Incredibles with Gaming

The LEGO franchise has evolved over the years, producing unique toys to a series of distinctive games. The franchise has produced excellent games associated with Marvel’s The Avengers, Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and other well-known movie franchises. Now, LEGO is giving us a gaming experience blended with Disney and Pixar films The Incredibles and the upcoming The Incredibles 2.

Today, LEGO Games released a brand new trailer that left followers thrilled. The game is not only appealing to children, but it also left adults engaged with the upcoming game. In the new trailer, LEGO gives us a glimpse of the villains we will be battling with the soon to be released game.

What are the game’s features?

‘LEGO The Incredibles Parr Family’ allows users to have a cooperative play while tackling crime in different movie scenes. You can either fight crime on your own or team up with family or friends, which makes the game more appealing. The users will get to explore puzzles, action, and crime-fighting levels as the super-powered Parr family.

What’s more exciting is LEGO provides players experience of the movies’ open-world cities with an appearance of other Pixar characters. That’s not all; the upcoming game allows players to venture the Parr family’s world while using their unique abilities.

The Game Director of TT Fusion working on The Incredibles, Pete Gomer, described the game in an interview with Forbes. “We split each open world city into districts that can suffer from crime waves. Then you have to complete missions to bring the boss out and fight him. It gives more purpose to the exploration and unlocks some cool rewards,” Gomer revealed.

Pete Gomer told Forbes that users would first experience the game through The Incredibles 2 because of the movie’s immediate release on June 15, the same day ‘LEGO The Incredibles Parr Family’ will be released. It is indeed an excellent marketing idea. Incredibles 2 is a much-awaited movie that could leave its viewers, especially children, experience the film itself.

‘LEGO The Incredibles Parr Family’ will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.