Celebrities' Reactions And Opinions On The Royal Wedding
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Meghan Markle married Prince Harry today on St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle at noon. Almost everyone is eager to witness the huge event- including celebrities. However, there are some who are really not fussed about witnessing the marriage of a Royal Family member and a US star. We collected all the responses and views of different celebrities about the Royal Wedding 2018.

James Blunt Shuts Down Question On Who Invited Him

James Blunt and his wife, Sofia Wellesley, luckily made to the Royal Wedding’s guest list. The You’re Beautiful singer has a connection to the Royal Family. Blunt apparently served in the British army with Price Army, and he stood guard during the Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002.

Celebrities' Reactions And Opinions On The Royal Wedding

However, Blunt receives criticisms on why he was invited to the Royal Wedding. He is known for trolling his haters on social media. This day wasn’t an exception. Someone asked him “who invited” him to the wedding and this was his answer:

The Suits Family Congratulates The Newly Married Couple

Meghan Markle is best known for her role in the Suits TV show, where she played Rachel Zane. The Duchess of Sussex left the series in the seventh season finale. Ms. Markle said that she has left her acting career to be a full-time Royal. Regardless of her departure, Suits co-stars were invited to the Royal Wedding. More recently, the Suits congratulated the newly-wed couple on twitter.

Theresa May Sends Her Best Wishes To The Couple [May 19, 2018]

A few hours before the nuptials starts, British Prime Minister Theresa May tweets her best wishes to the Royal couple. The Prime Minister is not invited to the wedding because Prince Harry have decided not to make it a “political affair.” “It has been decided that an official lists of political leaders- both UK and international- is not required for Prince Harry’s and Ms. Markle’s wedding,” The Kensigton palace informed.

Unlike the wedding of Prince Harry’s older brother, Prince William and Kate Middleton; numerous world leaders attended the much larger wedding in 2011.

Cara Delevingne Is ‘Happy’ For Prince Harry [May 18, 2018]

Celebrities' Reactions And Opinions On Saturday's Huge Event

The popular British actress and model is eager to witness her friend, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle’s wedding ceremony. Cara Delevingne and Prince Harry shares the same circle of friends, but she revealed that she’s not on the guest list of The Royal Wedding.

“I’m going to spend the day with my friends all watching it from the morning. I think any celebration of love is incredible. I’m really happy that he found love,” the star shares in an interview.

“You know when love just changes someone completely? He’s really come so far. I’m really happy for Harry,” she added.

She’s also happy to see Meghan’s positive influence on her Royal friend, praising the actress. “I don’t know Megan, but she seems like an absolute babe,” she says. “I can’t wait to see what it’s like. Look, I love weddings! I love weddings so much.”

The star is a huge fan of the Royal Family and all the excitement for the big event makes her “proud” to be British. “I think the royal family are incredible and are amazing for what they do, what they do for the world and what they stand for.”

Meghan’s Suits Co-Stars Described The Royal Wedding As A ‘Family Affair’ [May 18, 2018]

While Ms. Meghan Markle decided not to have a maid of honor and all bridesmaids will be children, some of Meghan’s co-stars are invited to the wedding. In an interview with the Today’s show Gina Torres, Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman confirmed that they are on the guest list.

When asked if the stars knew about Harry and Meghan, Rafferty revealed that Meghan said Prince Harry “was lovely.” Describing the couple as a “great match,” Rafferty considers the nuptials as a “family affair.”

“We called ourselves the sister wives… We were with each other for longer than we went to college or high school with our friends,” she said, adding, “So we became family. We’re still family, so this is a wonderful family affair,” Rafferty said in a statement.

The stars admitted that they are aware of the couple’s romance long before it was announced to the public. “[We knew] very little actually, we knew she was excited, and there was a reason to keep it close to the vest,” Torres said.

While Hoffman admitted that he’d “gotten the news quite early.” “I was like ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ And it was like both of us in the trailer just like ‘Oh my! You’re dating a prince!’ And I was just like, you know, take it slow, be careful, don’t let him hurt you, Hoffman recalled.

Emma Thompson Shuts Down An Interviewer Who Asked Her About The Royal Wedding [March 2018]

When a Sky News interviewer hoped to get a positive feedback from Emma Thompson on The Royal Wedding, Thompson gave an honest answer and shut the interviewer instead.

“[There’s] not a single thought about it in my head to share with you, I’m so sorry,” Thompson said. “I haven’t even… It doesn’t occur to me actually, my son is getting married next year so I am much more sort of dealing with that but really I have nothing to say about it.”

When the interviewer continued to press the actress on the issue by asking if she wishes the couple well, her frustration grew as she was present to talk about BBC’s new adaptation of King Lear. “Obviously, yes, but I don’t know them. Stop it, just stop it okay. Stop doing the ‘Let’s talk about the royal wedding.’ Just give the poor kids a break,” she said as she ended the interview.

Wendy Williams Shows Continuous Dislike Over Meghan Markle [November 2016, December 2017 & February 2018]

On November 2016, when it was first revealed that Meghan Markle is dating Prince Harry, Wendy Williams predicted a break-up. “There is way too much drama with her, and this will not work out. It’s not her; it’s gonna be the family. The family’s gonna mess it up,” the host told her audience.

Last December 2017, Williams revealed to her audience her opinion on Markle. “I respect Meghan Markle’s hustle, and I respect her game. However, she’s a bit of a wild card, you know, because she goes from being the Deal or No Deal girl. So this is a girl looking for a game,” Williams said.

Just more recently, last February, Williams described Markle a “random princess.” This was when she was hosting an interview with AnnaLynne McCord, an actress who worked with Markle when the latter made a cameo on the 90210 show.

However, all the fuss eventually changed shortly. A spokeswoman for Williams said, “Wendy is a big fan of Meghan’s and can’t wait to watch the royal wedding.”

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