Since its release in 2015, Apple’s 12-inch Macbooks have complaints stacking up. And now, the tech giant is hit with a class action lawsuit. The appellants are seeking damages and legal fees, and demand that Apple admit to the design flaw and cover all costs for remedying or replacing the defective computers. The lawsuit asks for both damages and refunds for anyone who has paid to replace their MacBook’s keyboard.

Apple has faced some heavy and ugly criticism over the butterfly switch keyboards on the 12-inch MacBook and current-generation MacBook Pro. Since the keys in the Macbooks cannot be repaired by just anyone, Apple MacBook users are more bothered by the price to get their MacBooks fixed, especially if the users are out of warranties. That situation urged Macbook users, Kyle Barbaro and Zixua Rao, to file a class action lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of knowingly selling MacBooks with faulty keyboards.

Kyle Barbaro and Zixua Rao said, “Apple promoted and sold laptops it knew were defective in that they contain a keyboard that is substantially certain to fail prematurely, selling these computers not only directly to its customers but also to third-party retailers constitutes a violation of good faith.”

The appellants are also accusing Apple of suggesting “self-help remedies.” Namely blasting the keyboard with compressed air, which it supposedly knows won’t work, and noted that repairs had not offered long-lasting solutions.

Tech giant Apple has filed for a patent on a dust-resistant butterfly switch keyboard back in 2016. Due to the patent in 2016, it is proof that the company is aware of its product’s flaws. Apple may have difficulty arguing that it was unaware of the issue until more recently, even if an instant solution was not made. Apple might have a hard time keeping its head afloat with this lawsuit.