Marvel Studios Producer Reveals A Glimpse Of Phase 4 Plans And New Characters

Marvel Studios is known for being strict with revealing their plans and spoilers of their movies. Despite Marvel’s effort to keep all the franchise’s plans private, members of the franchise still unveil some of their ideas. Black Panther producer Nate Moore recently shared a few details of his current knowledge about the franchise’s plans in an exclusive interview with

A few days before the release of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, the franchise released a video of the cast asking the early viewers not to spoil the movie for others. Additionally, they created a hashtag called #ThanosDemandsYourSilence that netizens used for blocking spoilers. It was Marvel’s strategy “to ensure all of their fans experience the film firsthand in theaters.”

Nate Moore only revealed a very few details about Marvel’s plans. However, it will give us a glimpse of the next movies that Marvel plans to bring on the big screen. The franchise is known for producing blockbuster movies, with the recent uproar of their two latest films Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War that is currently dominating the big screen globally. The success of the two recent movies left the fans impatiently waiting for the next marvel-ous films that Marvel is going to produce.

In Moore’s interview with, he announced that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) phase four consists of characters that fans have met before and a whole new set of fresh characters. It means that there is a huge possibility that some of the original Avengers could end their legacy on the next Avengers movie.

While Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is coming to the franchise on March next year and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige reported that they are planning to bring Ms. Marvel to the scene, there are a lot of comic book characters that the franchise could introduce in their movies. Some of these characters could be Nova, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, and Adam Warlock.

“Oh, there are some ideas [for Phase Four],” Moore said. “I think without giving anything away, we’re at the point now with Marvel as a company looking for what happens post-Avengers 4, and there are a lot of ideas on the table that are really exciting. Some are characters you’ve met before; some are wholly new characters. And now, it’s just for us internal getting our ducks in a row and deciding who’s doing what and when these franchises will end up in sort of the larger timeline. So there are things I’m working on, but as a bigger question, we’re just trying to figure out what happens post Phase three,” Moore tells

Director James Gunn officially announced that there would be a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 film and the Spider-Man Homecoming sequel is confirmed. Still, there are a lot more possible movies that Marvel could be producing. Fans are hoping for a Solo Black Widow movie, a Black Panther sequel, and Doctor Strange 2.

Marvel Studios Producer Reveals A Glimpse Of Phase 4 Plans And New Characters

However, fans shouldn’t expect to hear an announcement from Marvel about the upcoming movies instantly. “I think it’s gonna be pretty close to the vest,” Moore said. “I can’t imagine us doing anything before Avengers 4 is out in the world. We really want to complete that storytelling before we start talking about what’s next. And again, knowing what Joe [Russo] and Anthony [Russo] have in store I think is really exciting. So hopefully audiences can come to that and watch that film on its own terms and then hopefully shortly after that we can talk about where we think we can go,” Moore said in a statement.

While waiting for Marvel’s announcement, share us your thoughts of the possible characters that MCU should introduce and your movie predictions on the comments!

Marvel Studios Producer Reveals A Glimpse Of Phase 4 Plans And New Characters