Microsoft plans to topple Apple’s iPads with its cheaper Surface Pro tablet line
Microsoft Proposes Cheaper Tablets To Beat Apple’s iPads

Tech giant Apple is known for its line of devices. The company has established its name, and everything that has an apple logo on it is considered top of the line, but Microsoft has a trick up its sleeve. Microsoft claims that it is working on new Surface Pro tablets.

 Microsoft plans to topple Apple’s iPads with its cheaper Surface Pro tablet line
Window’s New Surface Pro Tablet
Credit: Windows

In the second quarter of the fiscal year 2018, around 9.11 million iPads were sold worldwide. Microsoft’s vision to topple that is beyond ambitious. Microsoft isn’t done with shocking the public with its high ambitions. Not only does Microsoft aim at beating Apple with its sales on iPads, but it also aims at beating Apple with cheaper tablets.

Microsoft’s new line of tablets consists of smaller models that are redesigned to make them look more like iPads, with rounded corners rather than the rectangular form factor of current Surface tablets. Compared to Apple’s iPads, which costs up to $1000; Microsoft’s Surface tablets would cost roughly $400. The new devices are expected to launch sometime in the second half of 2018.

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablets will reportedly be the first to sport USB Type-C ports and will come in 64 GB and 18 GB storage options. The Surface tablets will reportedly feature 10-inch displays rather than 12-inch, and they will also come in Wi-Fi + Cellular options for those who want LTE internet access on the go.

In 2012, Microsoft attempted to launch an affordable Surface-branded laptop, now that the Surface brand is resurfacing in tablet form, will it be enough to beat Apple.  Apple remains the dominant brand in the tablet market. In 2017, Apple gained almost $20 billion in iPads, compared to Microsoft that only earned $4.4 billion with their old Surface Pro line.