Miss Teen USA 2018 Winner, Ms. Kansas, Hailey Colborn
Miss Teen USA 2018 winner is Ms. Kansas, Hailey Colborn. Photo by @MissUSA | Twitter

Fifty-One stunning and lovely contestants joined the Miss Teen USA 2018 competition. Hosted by Erin Lim and Cecilio Asuncion, the candidates competed in athletic wear, evening gown, and the most heart-racing, final question. Miss Kansas, Hailey Colborn bags this year’s Miss Teen USA crown with a thunderous clap from the audience and the judges.

Ms. Colborn won the hearts of the judges with her fantastic performance during the swimwear and evening gown portion. She further secured her chances of winning the competition with her answer towards Gun Control and awareness on increasing self-esteem towards women from the different socio-economic background.

Ashley Fox, one of the judges of tonight’s event, asked Ms. Kansas the 1985 Miss Teen USA Pageant Question Won By Miss Hawaii. “As Miss Teen USA, you can serve as a role model to many young girls in this country. If you spoke to a group of them, what would you want to tell them?”

Ms. Colborn answered the question highlighting her experiences and efforts in helping women, and we quote “I started an organization three years ago called “self-palsy” because in classical ballet for 14 years I grow up as the only African-American in my class. So, I struggled with some self-esteem issues that I overcame, and after doing that, I felt the need to give back. So, I traveled to middle schools and [tell] young girls how important their self-esteem is, and I host a seminar yearly that is free so that any girl of any socio-economic background can attend. So, that is the message that I would love to expand to a national platform.”

Here are the other winners in Miss Teen USA 2018:

First Runner-Up: South Carolina – Kirby Elizabeth Self
Second Runner-Up: Colorado – Chloe Zambrano
Third Runner-Up: Illinois – Sydni-Dion Bennett
Fourth Runner-Up: North Carolina – Kaaviya Sambasivam
Miss Congeniality: Alabama – Kennedy Cromeens

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