Because of the continuing Ebola outbreak in Congo, the World Health Organization asks the help of international communities in raising funds for the containment of the virus. There has been a total of 45 reported cases, with 25 deaths out of the total cases.

As of press time, The Democratic Republic of Congo has 45 cases reported for Ebola with 25 deaths over the past weeks.

There have been eight Ebola outbreaks in Congo since 1976. There have been over 1,000 cases and 811 deaths as of 2017. This month, the fatality rate is currently at 56 percent. Bikoro has the most recorded incidents in the area, with 80 percent of the total reports coming from the place and 93 percent of the confirmed cases.

Recently, another case of the disease came from Wangata, one of the three health zones in Mbandaka. The Institut National de Recherche Biomedicale, through The Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo, reported laboratory tests for a specimen which turned out positive for Ebola.

The amount requested by the WHO is relatively small said WHO Director-General Peter Selama. He added that if people could fight the outbreak, it will be a significant gain concerning lives saved but also relating to dollars saved. The organization has already received $9 million in pledges for the funds they requested.

However, the WHO emergency committee said that it was too early to declare a public health emergency of international concern. Robert Steffen, chairman of the committee, contends that there is a strong reason to believe that the situation could be under control.

To conduct surveillance in the area, the WHO sent 30 experts and are working with the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) to strengthen the capacity of health facilities for patients in special isolation wards. The organization is also working with the Ministry of Health and other partners to promote the prevention, treatment, and reporting of new cases.

Video from Euronews