Samsung Disses Apple With New Ad

Latest Samsung video ad slams iPhone's lagging issue.

South Korean conglomerate Samsung mocks Apple on its latest ad. The brand took a hit on its rival on its issue of lagging and slowing down. The new advertisement is to promote their latest phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The video ad was first posted on Youtube with the title: “Samsung Galaxy: Moving On” and is about a woman having trouble with her iPhone because it kept slowing down. First. she had trouble at the airport because she couldn’t load her boarding pass while another passenger had no trouble because of her Samsung phone.

Another inconvenience was when she was on the plane and she wanted to watch a movie but couldn’t do so because the app was slowing down. She took a peak at her seatmate’s phone, a Samsung one, and saw that he was watching a movie continously. Another mishap was when she tried to book a ride, only to end up getting on the wrong car. Finally having enough, she went to an Apple Store for help but ending up disappointed because she was told to upgrade her unit.

Annoyed and damp because of the pouring rain, the woman saw a Samsung store across the street. In the video’s final frame, the girl made the switch to Samsung and was using the latest phone brand, Samsung Galaxy S9. She messaged her mother, saying that she did make a phone upgrade.

The brand also released an ad last year mocking Apple for not having a stylus and removing the headphone jack.

Samsung released the Galaxy S9 last March 11 with brand new features as well as two new colors: Sunrise Gold and Burgundy Red. However, these two colors are only available to limited countries. For the Sunrise Gold, it can be picked it up starting this June in Australia, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. As for the Burgundy Red, it’s only available in China and South Korea as of March.