The 1975 teases their fans by doing a lot of hyping gimmicks like dropping hints in posters and deleting their individual social media accounts

Indie pop rock band, The 1975, has been dropping hints about their new album “Music for Cars.” Matty Healy, the band’s lead vocalist, also teased The 1975 enthusiasts by telling them that the new album’s release would be on June 1st.

The Indie–rock band, has been posting new images to their social media accounts that reflect the ‘Music For Cars’ posters that were spotted in London and Manchester. One of the posters reads: “A brief inquiry into online relationships.” And on another poster, it read a code, DH00325, it also comprised of lines which appear to be lyrics, the lines read: “It’s captured our collective stare/A constant daze at bygone days/Seduced by programmed time delays” and “The left and right grow more apart, but you can just click ‘add to cart’.”

The band has been hyping up its fan base not only by dropping hints in beautiful posters but also having weird social media activity. Fans have noticed that each band member has deleted or deactivated their official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Healy confirmed that the album should be deemed “Music for Cars,” the band’s early EP for album three. Healy said that Music for Cars was an EP named for their love for Brian Eno. They’re using it as the album title now because of how meta and self-referential everything has become in the world of The 1975, and Music for Cars was always Healy’s favorite title among everything he and his bandmates had ever done.

The 1975’s manager, Jamie Oborne, have also somehow confirmed that the band would release new music by answering a post from a fan’s Tweet. The fan tweeted a picture of a lightning bolt racing across a pink sunset sky that emulated the band’s neon artwork and captioned it, “Evening, the iliwys era is still here,” Oborne replied: “Yes, for a few more days…”

Matty Healy said that ‘Music For Cars’ has long been referred to by the band as the final installment in a trilogy of albums. Their first three albums are the story of a person; it’s always kind of been his story. It spanned adolescence to maturity, success and trying to mediate the two, and the third one is where they are now.