The Flash has been renewed for another season

The CW Network confirmed that The Flash would be back for season 5. The series is one of the network’s most popular ones with its large fan base and consistent quality. However, air dates have not been confirmed yet although some speculate that it would be October at most because the past seasons had the same release months.

The network renewed the show along with their other superhero shows such as Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Arrow. The main cast will most definitely return, and new cast members announced as well in future dates. The showrunners have also already shot crossover episodes with Arrow and Supergirl.

One thing is for sure: Iris West will not have superhero powers this season. Executive producer Tom Helbing said that they wanted this season to refocus on Iris being a reporter. Last season, Iris, played by Candice Patton, had the chance to try out The Flash’s (played by Grant Gustin) powers in one episode. To this, Patton said it would be “cool for fans to see Iris suit up in one episode.” However, she added that the show has enough superheroes and that “it is not who Iris is.”

There is no news yet regarding this season’s villain. Like previous villains, the reveal might be before the new season airs. The trailer could also probably debut at the San Diego Comic-Con just like how the show producers usually did the previous seasons by releasing a first-look or special trailers during mid-season.

The show’s renewal signifies that the network does not want to put an end to their superhero shows era just yet. Their ratings were steady in 2016 and 2017, making their network the only one that achieved the feat over the period because of the strength of comic-book inspired series.