Wonder Plans on Building an Android-Powered Switch Competitor

The Gaming company Wonder announces on The Verge that they have been working on a console that merges excellent smartphone experience with gaming. CEO and co-founder Andy Kleinman told The Verge that the game industry is ready for a “truly hybrid piece of hardware.”

“Everyone has the same exact product,” Kleinman tells The Verge. The gaming company’s main goal is to build the same ecosystem Apple has with its products, but focused on gaming. “They position it the same way by going after the masses. Nobody has anything unique. Apple is basically crushing everybody because Apple is all about the ecosystem.”  While the goal may seem brilliant, it is a very daunting one.

Wonder Plans on Building an Android-Powered Switch Competitor

In an interview on The Verge, Andy Kleinman revealed some of the product’s features. The console package comes with a subscription service. Wonder offers its users a smartphone, controller, and a dock. The dock will allow users to play on their smartphone that is attached to the controller, similar to Nintendo Switch. The gaming company will grant the users access to “original games from existing game makers, licensed and mobile-optimized third-party titles, streaming game and media options, and other entertainment hub-like features.”

Wonder plans to make the product a “centerpiece of an entertainment ecosystem for gamers and gadget heads who are fans of forward-looking tech.” The product doesn’t yet have an official name.

Wonder Plans on Building an Android-Powered Switch Competitor

There are similar made products with Wonder’s upcoming product. Nvidia made a similar portable console in 2013, their original Shield. The product also functions with the use of Android. The most successful product identical to what Wonder is planning is Nintendo’s Switch launched in March 2017. Every person interested in gaming has likely heard of this product due to its outstanding performance and exceptional reviews from critics.

However, Kleinman told The Verge that they don’t want to make a direct Switch competitor, but rather an entertainment brand that happens to have the hardware versatility of a mobile-console hybrid.

Wonder plans on releasing the product next year. Kleinman told The Verge that Wonder is trying to create a “Magic Leap-style revolutionary tech nobody has ever seen.” He believes that Wonder can get there first.