Youtube users number is the largest for a video streaming platform

The absurdly high user number was announced during the Youtube’s annual Brandcast advertising event; YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki declared that the company had reached a whopping total of 1.8 Billion monthly users last May 3, 2018.

Wojcicki also announced the milestone at YouTube’s Brandcast presentation to advertisers, alongside some of the year’s most noteworthy successes like Beyoncé’s record-setting 41 million live stream views at Coachella and the “Despacito” music video passing 5 billion views last month. The company previously announced that it had 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users in mid-2017.

She also used the Brandcast event to ultimately address some of the problems YouTube has faced, including questions over inappropriate kids’ videos and conspiracy theories on the platform.

Wojcicki stated “This is the impact of an open platform: it brings the world together in ways that were just not possible before. But we’ve also seen that with openness come challenges, as some have tried to take advantage of our services. It is incredibly important to me and everyone at YouTube that we grow responsibly.”

Wojcicki mentioned changes like a YouTube Kids option for human-curated videos and a promise to hire 10,000 moderators which is something that appears to still be in progress.

During the event, she added “There is not a playbook for how open platforms operate at our scale. But the way I think about it is that it’s critical that we’re on the right side of history.”

Although Youtube’s 1.8 Billion monthly user base can be compared with Facebook’s 2 Billion monthly user base, no other video streaming service is more dominant. There’s no real comparison to YouTube regarding competition. And now, with over 1.8 billion logged in users, it’s harder than ever for another video service company to reach Youtube’s success rate.