14 officials killed in Pakistan terrorist attack


On Thursday, seven Pakistan soldiers and seven private security guards were killed. According to the officials there, the Pakistan paramilitary was attacked by guns and rockets.

The officials were on a coastal highway escorting a convoy of OGDCL ( Oil and Gas Development Company Limited. Further, they were moving from Gawadar, located in Balochistan province, and were heading towards Karachi’s southern city.


Reportedly, the OGDCL personnel escaped from there on time. But sadly the 14 officials and guards lost their lives in this attack. However, the military has released a statement saying that the area where the attack took place is completely sealed. And, to capture the assailants, a search operation has already been started.

Balochistan is a mineral-rich area. And it is said to be a resource exploitation place for the separatists. The decades, the separatists have been wanting to secede this province from Pakistan, so that they can use this place for their own benefit.

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Moreover, a Baloch terrorist group organization has taken responsibility for the first attack. That organization has posted a message on social media claiming to be the people behind this attack. But, the truthfulness of the account can not be verified.

In a period of 24 hours, this was a second major attack that took place.

The second attack on the  Pakistan military forces

On Wednesday, the other attack happened which killed six soldiers, including an officer. The attack took place in the country’s northwest tribal areas. The military’s public relations wing reported that two explosives were targeted on the soldiers while patrolling.

An Islamic terrorist fighting group claimed to be the attackers of this incident. they are an umbrella group named Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). They call themselves a fighter for Pakistan and their security forces.


After the operations in 2014, this group was broken into several fractions. They were dispersed by the Pakistani military in the tribal area. This group was famous among the terrorists, and together they attacked in Pakistan and at the Afghanistan borders.

According to an official report, around 49 Pakistani soldiers have been killed till March.

Source: NDTV