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Boris Johnson Said, Scottish Devolutions was ‘A Disaster’


Scottish freedom campaigners have seized on remarks by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in which he said the making of a reverted parliament in Edinburgh had been “a disaster”.

Scottish National Party pioneer Nicola Sturgeon, who is First Minister in the declined parliament, tweeted late Monday that it was “worth bookmarking these PM remarks for whenever Tories state they’re not a danger to the forces of the Scottish Parliament.

She also said, “The only way to protect & strengthen @ScotParl is with independence.”

“Devolution has been a disaster north of the border,” PM Boris Johnson told this on an online meeting.

The PM’s Downing Street office later said in an explanation that Johnson had “consistently upheld devolution however Tony Blair neglected to predict the ascent of separatists in Scotland.”

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The added statement is, “Devolution is great — but not when it’s used by separatists and nationalists to break up the UK.”

Douglas Ros responds to it by saying, “devolution has not been a disaster,” also, that “the SNP’s constant fixation on another submission – above positions, schools and everything else – has been a calamity.”

Scotland was guaranteed a submission on devolution by the Labor Party before the 1997 political race, and the guarantee was completed soon thereafter, prompting the making of a Scottish Parliament in 1999.

Scotland dismissed freedom in a 2014 choice, however, pressure for another one has developed since Britain cast a ballot to leave the European Union in 2016, a choice contradicted by most electors north of the fringe.

Source:  Hindustan Times