Corona continues to wreak havoc in Madhya Pradesh, 326 new infected in one day

Corona continues to wreak havoc in Madhya Pradesh, 326 new infected in one day

In Madhya Pradesh, the havoc of Corona is increasing rapidly. Day by day the number of corona patients is increasing. At the same time, cases of corona infection have started increasing rapidly in Unlock 2 in the state. In Gwalior-Chambal area, Corona has spread fast. At the same time, in Bhopal, Corona is now hunting new areas. On Sunday, 326 new cases of corona have been reported in the entire state. Apart from this, the figure of corona patients in the state has reached 14,930. At the same time, 10 people have lost their lives in the entire state from Corona.

Apart from this, 608 people have died from Corona in Madhya Pradesh so far. On Sunday, 4 deaths have been confirmed in Bhopal, 3 in Indore, 1 in Dhar, Sagar and Harda. In fact, Indore city has the highest number of deaths due to corona infection till date. 71 in Ujjain, 109 in Bhopal, 23 in Burhanpur, 17 in Khandwa, 15 in Khargone, 22 in Sagar, 14 in Jabalpur, 10 in Dewas, 9 in Mandsaur, 8 in Dhar and 7 in Neemuch. The remaining deaths have occurred in other districts.

Explain that out of a total of 14,930 corona patients in Madhya Pradesh, 11,411 patients have recovered so far and only 2,911 patients are being treated in various hospitals. In this regard, the official said that on Sunday, maximum 64 new cases of Kovid-19 have been reported in Gwalior district, while 61 new cases have been found in Bhopal, 36 in Morena and 23 in Indore. These figures are official. On Sunday, more than 70 new infected have been found in Bhopal.


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