As it marks its 20th anniversary, Invenergy has completed more than 30 gigawatts of sustainable energy projects

Approximately the course of its 20-year existence, Invenergy has created over 30 GW (gigawatts) of clean energy generation projects, enough to power nearly 10 million homes. This is the first time a privately held energy provider has reached this milestone.

“We started to change the trajectory of the energy business two decades ago, and we’ve continued to lead the change by combining deep technological expertise, strong alliances, and a motivated staff with a clear vision,” stated Michael Polsky, Founder, and CEO of Invenergy. “We’ve accomplished the seemingly impossible, and we’re proud of what this signifies for our legacy as pioneers working to create a more sustainable society.”

Clean and renewable power is a boost to the economy, a road to true energy security, and one answer to the looming global climate disaster. Innovators like Invenergy will continue to lead the energy transition by providing a reliable, clean, and inexpensive energy source to satisfy future power demands.

Invenergy’s 30+ GW portfolio is made up of approximately 200 sustainable energy projects that have been contracted, built, and are now operational on four continents. Several of the globe’s largest solar and wind farms, as well as cutting-edge thermal generation, innovative energy storage, and transmission infrastructure, are among these projects.

The following items make up Invenergy’s portfolio:

  • 17 GW of wind energy; 110 projects
  • 6 GW of solar capacity; 50 projects
  • 6 GW of thermal capacity; 18 projects
  • 1+ GW of energy storage projects

Invenergy Services, a subsidiary of Invenergy, offers entire project life cycle services, comprising operations and maintenance, to both its projects and third-party clients.

Invenergy Services manages 92 projects with a total capacity of 16 GW spread across a variety of technologies and sectors.

To fund its unprecedented expansion, Invenergy has collected over $50 billion in private finance. Aside from its diverse project portfolio, the company has developed an offshore wind platform and is working on many inter-regional transmission projects. A community solar cooperative venture called Reactivate was announced in early 2022. Energize Ventures, an investment management firm specializing in the digitization of the energy business, has Invenergy as an anchor investor.

“To achieve this historic milestone, we’ve pushed the boundaries of clean and renewable energy and harnessed decades of development, financing, and technical knowledge,” stated Jim Murphy, President of Invenergy and Corporate Business Leader. “We’ve taken calculated risks where everyone else has shied away, and our efforts, along with those of our key stakeholders, have hastened the shift to a cleaner power economy at levels no one could have predicted during the last two decades. We see an incredible level of attention, concentration, and investment in this domain over the next 20 years as we look ahead.”

Invenergy’s path to 30 GW+ is lined with some of the biggest, most efficient, and ground-breaking clean energy facilities to come online in the last two decades.

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