Glick, a supporter of renewable energy and storage, has been re-nominated to the FERC

President Joe Biden has nominated Richard Glick, the longest-serving head of the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), to work another tenure as one of the five chairs. Glick was appointed to serve as the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on 29 November 2017, and his original tenure was due to end on June 30, 2022. Glick will spend another 5-year tenure until 2027 if his re-nomination is approved by the Senate.

Glick’s commitment to transmission reform, as well as FERC’s recent decision to begin a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to alter the Commission’s electric regional transmission strategy and cost allocation criteria, has prompted acclaim from across the renewable energy sector.

“At a critical juncture in our country’s clean energy shift, when an epidemic, global war, and weather extremes are all drastically affecting electricity prices and resource availability,” said Jeff Dennis, who is the general counsel and MD (managing director) of Advanced Energy Economy. “Chair Glick recognizes that the transmission infrastructure needs to be better prepared to supply the cost-effective innovative energy supplies that states and customers desire. Glick’s ongoing leadership at FERC will also help the commission enhance how distributed energy resources are used to run the grid of the future and fulfill evolving customer needs.”

Over two dozen groups, including the ACORE (American Council on Renewable Energy), wrote to FERC Commissioners in July 2021, expressing their backing for large-scale distribution reform. Later that month, an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the regional distribution planning, cost allocation, as well as generator interconnection was issued. Since then, and through FERC’s April 2021 ruling, the agency has collaborated with a wide variety of consumer advocacy and policy organizations, such as ACORE, to complete some of the energy industry’s most long-awaited reforms.

“We are happy to see Richard Glick renominated as Chair of the FERC,” stated Gregory Wetstone, CEO and president of ACORE. “He has a thorough awareness of the regulatory roadblocks to a 21st-century grid, as well as practical solutions to overcome them.  We look forward to working with him on essential changes, such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s new transmission rulemaking, that will help the country progress toward a sustainable energy future.”

The WATT Coalition praised Glick’s efforts in transmission planning, which will be permitted to continue if Glick’s candidacy is confirmed by the Senate.

“The WATT Coalition congratulates Chairman Glick on President Biden’s announcement today of his re-nomination to the Federal Energy Regulatory Chairmanship,” stated WATT Chairperson Ted Bloch-Rubin. “FERC has made significant progress toward policy to improve the United States’ transmission system design and operation, in support of just and reasonable prices for Americans, under Chairman Glick’s leadership.” Chairman Glick replied to a letter from Kathy Castor, who is the Chair of the Climate Crisis’ House Select Committee, and other Members of Congress today regarding his efforts on transmission concerns, incorporating Grid Enhancing Technologies – which is a long list that indicates his efficacy as chairman. “Our coalition of technology companies, renewable energy developers, and transmission companies urges the Senate to reaffirm his appointment as soon as possible so that this essential work can proceed.”

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