Driivz Will Use Electric Vehicle Batteries To Boost Energy Storage

What to do when an alternative energy source quits delivering energy is a difficult topic with some sorts of alternative energy sources. Solar energy isn’t accessible at night, and wind energy isn’t available when the wind ceases blowing, but energy consumption continues. The alternative is to draw energy from some form of storage, however, this can be difficult.

The obvious solution is to utilize batteries, but this would necessitate a large number of batteries, which are costly. Driivz, a Vontier Corporation subsidiary, has fortunately discovered a large number of batteries that are frequently connected to the grid.

These batteries are seen in an increasing number of electric vehicles and trucks. As per Driivz, the large bulk of those automobiles and trucks spend a significant amount of time linked to the grid while waiting to be used again. Electric vehicles are recharged at home, when the sun isn’t shining, at night.

Electric Vehicle Batteries as Storage

“Using EV batteries as storage sources that may be utilized to balance maximum demands on generating power and solve the availability difficulties of renewables can be the most important advances for climate change,” stated Doron Frenkel, Chief Executive Officer of Driivz.

“Everything changes in a world full of electric vehicles,” Frenkel explained. “How can we store that energy for future use, both in terms of balancing generation and growing the use of renewables?  The solution is electric vehicle batteries paired with intelligent energy management.”

“They may then give back extra energy when it’s most needed and expensive,” he explained, “reducing peak generating demands and CO2 emissions.” All of this would necessitate some major adjustments to the way electric vehicles are charged. The existing charging system, for example, is one-way. Electric vehicles (EVs) get power from the grid but are unable to return it.

Changes in the architecture of charging stations, as well as in the charging circuitry in the car, are required, according to Frenkel, to enable electricity to be removed from the batteries in the EV and supplied back to the grid. However, he claims that owners of those Electric Vehicles would be rewarded for the electricity consumed, creating an incentive to engage in such a program.

Owners Will Make Money

EVs may be charged when power is cheapest for the owners, according to Frenkel. “By buying low and selling high at a premium, they can profit from storing electricity for the grid.” Driivz is already one of the world’s largest EV charging software firms, and the management required for Climate Recharge is an extension of the company’s existing energy, operations, and billing management software platform.

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