Electric vehicle businesses in India are ramping up employment in the wake of recent fires

Faced with teething issues in the young sector, including recent incidences of electric 2-wheelers catching fire, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers have broadened employment in recent weeks. According to executives from numerous recruitment and staffing organizations as well as the SMEV (Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles), a trade group that represents players in the EV ecosystem, hiring has accelerated, particularly in activities like engineering, sales, research, and development, and service.

According to them, demand for mechatronics (which is a comparatively recent field), R&D, branding, sales, post-sales, operations, and doctorate holders who are in the electronics space has increased significantly.

Adecco, a recruitment and staffing agency, has 750 job openings, while CIEL HR Services provides over 100, with remuneration packages as high as Rs 1 crore. As per an exclusive survey done by CIEL HR Services, which mapped nearly 1,000 jobs offered by various organizations in the EV area, up to 80% of the need is for mid- & senior-level personnel.

“Based on current demand and estimates by EV firms, personnel increase will continue at an even quicker pace in the coming years,” stated Alok Kumar, who works as the senior director in charge of Manpower, a ManpowerGroup India subsidiary.

According to Manu Saigal, who is the director-general (DG) staffing, Adecco India, firms are hiring for jobs in branding, operations, sales, and after-sales support. “Due to heightened inspections on safety measures, recruitment in the sales support and operation/production is at an all-time high,” she stated.

According to Aditya Mishra, CEO, and director of CIEL HR Services, there is high demand for roles ranging from the associate to CXO level, as well as specialized Ph.D. holders. According to Kumar of Manpower, companies have increased their attention on recruiting for R&D as well as safety compliances to better be able to sort out safety issues.

Firms are seeking engineers from a relatively new profession called mechatronics, which does combine research, design, development, as well as machinery maintenance integrating both computer and electronic control systems, as per ManpowerGroup.

“Most of the major EV companies are recruiting for service, manufacturing, engineering, sales, and research and development positions. In reality, there is a scarcity of expertise in these fields, and employers are willing to pay top dollar to bring on new hires “Sohinder Gill, who is the director-general (DG) of SMEV and CEO of Hero Electric, India’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer, remarked.

Fuel price hikes, revisions to subsidies which are under the FAME-II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid and) Electric Vehicles in India) plan, and state government incentives all have greatly contributed to high demand for electric vehicles within the past year. For example, logistics firm Evify is speeding up its expansion plans. The company, which currently has just electric vehicles (EVs) in its fleet, plans to expand its operations staff, concentrate on technology installation, create a full-stack dashboard, as well as launch a fleet of 200 automobiles in the next months. “After that, we intend to develop city-wise, within a 100-kilometer radius of Surat, and then migrate to other places,” said Pragya Mittal, the founder.

Though electric mobility offers a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles, recent incidences of some electric 2-wheelers catching fire have prompted worries about their safety.

Nitin Gadkari, the minister of roads, transport, and highways, asked automakers to recall defective vehicles ahead of time last week. This has prompted manufacturers to reconsider the safety features of electric vehicles.

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