Hitachi Energy has announced the global launch of a revolutionary power semiconductor module for all sorts of electric vehicles

Hitachi Energy, a global technology and industry leader in power grids, announced that RoadPak, its groundbreaking power semiconductor module for EVs (electric vehicles), will be unveiled at PCIM Europe, the globe’s biggest power electronics trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, from May 10 to 12.

The RoadPak electric vehicle sets a new standard for performance. This compact module employs cutting-edge SiC (silicon carbide) technology to achieve outstanding power density for faster charging, long-term durability, and the least potential power losses for the highest duration driving range.

“RoadPak is the culmination of Hitachi Energy’s more than 100 years of power electronics innovation and market leadership,” stated Niklas Persson, who works as the Managing Director (MD) of Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration business. “This, together with our Grid-eMotion™ Flash and Fleet EV charging solutions, demonstrates our commitment to advancing a more viable energy future for all.”

Many EV manufacturers have tested RoadPak, which has two distinct seasons of superb performance with the team of Mahindra Racing Formula E. This does make it suitable for all kinds of electric vehicles, including conventional and buses, heavy-duty trucks, agricultural electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, luxury cars, as well as high-performance racing vehicles.

“Over the previous two years, we’ve had the pleasure of testing this innovative power module on our M8Electro and Mahindra M7Electro racing vehicles, and it’s shown to dramatically improve performance and reliability,” stated Dilbagh Gill, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Mahindra Racing’s Team Principal. “This advancement in technology enables us to produce next-generation state-of-the-art green vehicle solutions while also enhancing the driving experience.”

Electric vehicles rely heavily on power semiconductors. They’re the brains behind the inverter, that transforms DC power from the car’s battery into AC power to run the motor. Reliability is essential. Over the lifetime of the vehicle, RoadPak chips are meant to work faultlessly for over 4 million start-stop cycles.

The electric vehicle market is rapidly expanding. Electric car sales increased by 40% in 2020 and nearly doubled in 2021. Furthermore, all major automakers have vowed to phase out gasoline and diesel automobiles by the year 2030 or earlier.

Hitachi Energy has 2 separate production sources for its own SiC-based power semiconductor devices, such as RoadPak, to provide global supply security. The company produces its SiC chips in Switzerland and is backed by an external SiC chip maker in the United States, ensuring delivery in terms of both geographic and volume availability.

Hitachi Energy’s innovative semiconductor technology is a major component in its own grid integration solutions, which allow large volumes of renewable energy to move safely through power networks and between countries. They also play an important role in the traction converter systems which power high-speed electric metros and trains, as well as the EVs which are rendering road transportation cleaner and more sustainable.

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