Exclusive- playback singer Ravindra Upadhyay openly on nepotism after Sonu Nigam …

Exclusive- playback singer Ravindra Upadhyay openly on nepotism after Sonu Nigam …

I myself have suffered the pain of nepotism. Many big singers have sung my songs at the last minute. Bollywood is like an alien for outsiders and newcomers. Absolutely new world. To stay here it is of paramount importance to strengthen your support system. I agree with Singer Sonu Nigam’s ‘Mafia’ in the music industry. These days the music industry is dependent on big companies. Here only those people are able to survive whose songs are sold in the market or whose approach is good. By the way, my two songs are ready for release, in which my music, I sang and also acted. Saying this to the famous playback singer Ravindra Upadhyay. He spoke openly to his entertainment in a special interview with magazine Entertainment.

Music industry dependent on big company
Ravindra told that in this era the music industry is dependent on big companies. Recently, Sonu Nigam had said that the music industry is bigger than Bollywood. I completely agree with him. Companies look at music as a business and bring songs to the market accordingly. Now the market is also global, so only the songs of big singers are sold. In such a situation, newcomers and outsiders are ignored.

Replace many times
‘It happened to me many times that at the last moment my song was sung by someone else. Many Bollywood singers have replaced me by singing my songs. Now I am focusing more on my independent music. I like Rajasthani folk. Ravindra said that nepotism is everywhere. You can overcome this only when your support system and approach is good. I myself have suffered this pain. Itemsiders and newcomers cannot bear this pain. This happened with Sushant Singh Rajput and he took the wrong step after coming into depression.

Singers do not get payment for songs
‘Recently, playback singer Neha Kakkar had said that singers are not given money to sing in Bollywood. I have had the same experience. Except for one or two songs, I did not get many playback song rupees either. Singers only earn from live shows. The larger the singer in the music industry, the more he feels insecure.

Two songs want a recurring version
On the reaction of the original songs, Sigar said that I want my two songs to be recreated. There are very cute songs and will rock. I have a song in them ‘Patience, Patience’. The music was given by Vishal Shekhar’s hit duo. I want to recreate this song myself. Kumar ji wrote lyrics on it. The second is my song ‘Ek Aag Ka Dariya Hai and Doob Ke Jaana Hai’ I want to hear the recreation version of the song called Bol.

Upcoming projects
I have two songs to be released right now, in which the music is also mine, sung and acted. These songs have been shot in India and Japan. These songs were shot before lockdown. We wanted to bring them in January and February, but this could not be possible due to the lockdown caused by Corona virus. Now the songs are ready for final release. And I have also acted in these songs.


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