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Micromax will soon make a comeback!!


After the recent Indo-China clash, the government is motivating more Indian brands to come into the market. China captures a major part of smartphone sales in India. Government plans on boosting local manufacturing and providing cheaper products than China. This is a counter plan made by the government to beat imports from China.

Hence, many brands who had stepped away from the market before is planning to make a comeback. And, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in India, “Micromax ” is preparing to come into the Indian market again. It is big news.


In 2014, Micromax sold more smartphones in the domestic market, which surpassed the sales numbers of South Korean gigantic brand Samsung, a history by made. But since then Micromax continued to lose its customer base in the market. It started happening when newer brands from China landed in the market with advanced features and low prices.

In an interview, Micromax co-founder said, ‘ Everybody was looking at Chinese phones because they were very competitively prices.’

PLI Scheme

The new PLI( Production- linked incentives) scheme will surely become the back for domestic manufacturers. And especially those who still have a strong image in the market, like Micromax.

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Under this scheme, an incentive of 4 to 6% will be given to eligible electronics companies by the government. It includes the sales of manufacturing goods like electronic components- printed circuit boards, sensors, etc which are used as a component and also mobile phones. The scheme will be active for five years.

In October,15 companies along with Bhagwati Products (maker of Micromax) have been approved under the government’s PLI scheme.

What does Micromax view in this matter?

Well, the founder of Micromax thinks that the Indian market needs more local brands to beat the Chinese brands. It also said that Chinese brands have been taking unfair advantages in the Indian market. These brands are using cross-subsidies as a measure to capture the Indian market with the help of their country’s government support. This created a tough situation for local brands to compete against them.


A new brand named,’ In’ will soon be launched by Micromax. The company has been working on this project for months. The company’s founder has said that from now on they will not manufacture low-cost smartphones. The brand is set to make a grand comeback. This will definitely be better than before.

The new Micromax phones will range between Rs 7,000-Rs 10,000 to Rs20,000-25000. No more phones under Rs 5,000 will be seen. Their new smartphones shall release in the upcoming month. Also, an added feature will be included in their phones.  Now, your phones can connect to other Micromax products. This can definitely attract lots of buyers.

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Source: Moneycontrol