Instagram tests allowing you to stick presents on your profile

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to pin up to 3 of their own posts on their profile, at the moment it is a tool only available to some users.

At its birth, Instagram was a social app based on photos and the occasional video, but today it is the largest portal for audiovisual content and a huge showcase for brands. In fact, for a few years now the app has also been working as a sales portal, strongly promoted by the app. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg himself, creator of Facebook, assures that he only buys from here.

Therefore, it seems that this latest function that Instagram is testing is focused on being a complement to those profiles that sell or promote some type of product. This is because it allows you to pin up to 3 posts , so that they are the first to appear in the posts section of your profile.

We can say that something similar could already be done with the highlights, since we could take a screenshot of a publication and upload it to the highlights section so that it is one of the first things to be seen when opening the profile. But the function discovered by @Salman Memon is specific to posts.

With it we can anchor up to 3 publications that we want to promote in the first line , so that, every time someone enters our profile, these are almost the first thing they see. Although Instagram has not yet announced why they have decided to extend this feature, since at the moment it is a test and not an official launch, we can speculate that it is to boost business within Instagram.

For example, this tool is perfect for a restaurant to promote that it has a 2×1 offer, or for a soccer team to announce that it has opened the registration lists, or simply want to promote a publication that has been very successful.

Instagram has been working on this function for quite some time, since in January Alessandro Paluzzi already discovered that it was being tested, but in the current version changes and improvements have been introduced, which suggests that sooner rather than later, pin a publication on your profile will be a reality for all Instagram users.

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