Travelers Who Do Not Use The Seatbelt Increase

Between April 4 and 10, agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group, together with local and regional police, carried out a special surveillance and control device, focused on the use of seat belts and safety systems. child restraint, both on urban and interurban roads.

In those seven days, a total of 356,510 vehicles were controlled, in which 4,607 infractions by drivers or passengers who did not use the statutory retention system were detected.

280 minors, with a height less than or equal to 135 cm, traveled without using a child restraint system or did so incorrectly.

4 points and 200 euros fine
In this sense, it should be noted that the recently released Law on Traffic and Road Safety has raised to 4 the points that are lost for not using the appropriate child restraint system or not doing it correctly, in the same way that it has been done with the non-use of the seat belt. Also, offenders are fined with an economic sanction of 200 euros.

As for the seatbelt , 2,115 passengers, of whom 1,101 were in the front seats and 1,014 in the rear seats, were also sanctioned for this reason.

In this video, provided by the DGT, you can see how the offenders are recorded without making the corresponding use of the seat belt. In addition, once they perceive that a helicopter or drone is flying over the area, they put it on trying to avoid the corresponding sanction.

The DGT reminds that the belt is also essential in the rear seats , since in the event of a frontal impact, for example, the probability that an occupant of those seats fatally hits another passenger in front can be up to 8 times greater.

Without a seat belt, at 80 km/h the passengers in the rear have no way of holding on and are projected with those in front with a force equivalent to hitting a 1,200 kg ball at 10 km/h , which could kill or seriously injure the occupants of the front seats.

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