Appointed Authority On Account Of Esther López Rejects The Temporary Jail For Óscar

The investigated Óscar S., who has declared this Monday before the judge for the disappearance and death of Esther López , continues to be released after his appearance , for about an hour, in the Court of Instruction Number 5 of Valladolid, which deals with proceedings and keeps part of the proceedings secret.

Óscar S., supposedly the last person who saw Esther López alive , maintains the status of being investigated within the open case for the disappearance and violent death of the 35-year-old woman, within proceedings in which two other men Ramón and Carolo are under investigation.

In the Court, the private prosecution, on behalf of the victim’s family, has requested provisional detention with a bail of 60,000 euros for Óscar S. and alternatively the maintenance of his detention for three days, waiting for the Civil Guard complete a series of errands.

The prosecutor has opposed that request and the judge has also rejected it, so that the investigated has left the Court free, just as he has entered.

It was around 12:45 p.m. when the person under investigation arrived in a car with tinted windows to the Court building, located in the central Angustias street in the capital of Valladolid, and entered the premises through the side door, located on the Torrecilla street.

At the doors of the Courts, several people have waited with posters that read “Justice for Esther” , including relatives and other close friends of the victim.

Javier Martínez, deputy mayor of Traspinedo, the town where Esther López lived , where she disappeared at dawn on January 13 and where she was found dead in a ditch on February 5, has also gone to the vicinity of the courthouse .

Martínez, before Óscar’s statement concluded, expressed to journalists his hope that this day could be important for the development of the case and insisted on demanding justice.

Asked if there is tension in the town as the investigation into the case progresses, the deputy mayor has assured that this circumstance does not occur among the inhabitants of the town because the victim’s family has always been an example of sanity and calm.

The proceedings that the Court of Instruction number 5 of Valladolid has already placed in the hands of the parties, once the summary secret on the case of Esther López has been partially lifted, continue to point to the outrage and that it was not the cause of death but hypothermia in the hours after the impact.

All the indications that point to Óscar as a suspect in the death of Esther López, who declares this Monday before the judge
Before the appearance before the judge of Óscar S., who has answered all the questions asked by the parties, the lawyer of the family of Esther López has shown his desire that the investigated declare himself to put an end to certain unknowns , although he has clarified that he could also avail himself of his right not to testify.

He has cited the existence of several avenues of investigation with the option that other people could have been related to the events and has recalled that part of the secret case still continues.

Regarding the possible manipulation of the navigator of Óscar S.’s car, a passenger car that was thoroughly inspected by the Civil Guard , the lawyer has stated that it is still unknown if there was this adulteration the weekend after Esther’s disappearance.

It has specified that a European order has been issued to carry out this verification because the collaboration of the parent company of the vehicle brand, a gray Volkswagen T-Roc, is needed.

The lawyer has described the emotional situation that Esther’s family is experiencing as very delicate and has spoken of the possibility of the existence of a crime of omission of the duty of assistance based on the data collected by the forensic experts who performed the autopsy of the victim, since if they had received help it is possible that the result could have been something else, such as blows or injuries, not death.

According to the forensic autopsy report, the death of Esther López was of accidental or homicidal etiology due to being hit by a vehicle at medium-low speed and the immediate cause of death was multifactorial shock.

The forensic experts place the date of death during the early morning-morning of January 13 and do not rule out the possibility that the place of the accident was different from the place where the body was found or that, in the event that the body had been moved, it would have been done during the first hours after the death.

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