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Orange is the new black season 8: Will there be another season to it

Orange is the new black is a tinge of nostalgia that most fans visit. This American comedy drama was created by emmy award winner jenji cohan for netflix that had aired seven episodes till date. A symbolism of vivid diversity in sexuality, human pain and complications were one of the primary elements that this Tv series had projected and was successfully able to achieve this with its seven seasons. As its seven seasons released consecutively from 2013 to 2019 the bars of expectation are too high. With such excitation we present to you the latest updates about its next season.

Whether there will be a season 8  

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Sadly for the bad news of fans there won’t be a renewal of its next season. As per the official sources when the Tv series was in its production phase in season 5 its creator Jenji cohan had announced the the show will mark the end with the release of seventh season. Henceforth, it makes the path clear that as of now the show is officially cancelled in the diary list of Netflix. In many of her recent interviews Jenji cohan recites how this show show was an essential part of her life. But with the end let’s expect something more from this emmy winner which will be an absolute treat for the fans.

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