Pappu Yadav demands Sushant Singh’s suicide case to be investigated by Central Bureau of Investigation

Pappu Yadav demands Sushant Singh’s suicide case to be investigated by Central Bureau of Investigation

Jan Adhikar Party chief Pappu Yadav has demanded a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the alleged suicide case of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

He said in Patna on Monday that Sushant Singh Rajput has been killed. They cannot commit suicide. I demand a CBI inquiry into this issue. He went to meet Sushant’s family at the actor’s residence in Patna.

The family of Sushant Singh Rajput in Patna are not considering it as a suicide case. The late actor’s maternal uncle has to say, ‘We don’t think he can commit suicide. The police should get to the bottom of this issue. There seems to be a conspiracy behind Sushant’s death. He is also likely to be murdered. ‘

Investigation of the alleged suicide issue of Sushant Singh Rajput continues. The police has recorded the statement of the people present on the spot. According to the police, Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh received a call around 2 pm. After which the Mumbai Police Commissioner sent DCP Abhishek Trimukhe and Bandra Police Staff to Sushant Singh Rajput’s house.

The body was taken down even before the police arrived
According to the police, when the police reached the spot, 3 people were present in the house. Also, sister of Sushant Singh Rajput was also present there and these people had already taken down the deadbody of Sushant Singh Rajput. The police is recording the statement of Sushant Singh Rajput, his creative manager and manager present in the house in this issue.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput made his last phone call to his father three days ago. In this call, he advised his father not to leave the house in view of the increasing cases of Corona. Krishna Kumar Singh, the father of Sushant Singh Rajput, lives alone in Patna. There is a caretaker in the house, whose name is Lakshmi, to look after him. The last time he spoke to Laxmi Devi, the father’s caretaker, Sushant told him to please protect my father from the corona virus.


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