Rati Pandey’s makeup pic for TV show viral!

Rati Pandey’s makeup pic for TV show viral!

Actress Rati Pandey will soon resume shooting for “Devi Anadi Parashakti”. She wants to maintain social distance as much as possible, and so she has taken up the task of doing her makeup for the show. “Shooting permission comes with a number of guidelines, one of which is about makeup, which all have to be strictly followed. I think it’s the right thing to do. A lot of people are drawn to makeup. It is better to do it on our own to avoid any kind of risk and contact, ”she said.

“Since we have a legendary show, we will need help with our hairstyle, which the producers have agreed to provide. Unlike before, when we had a dedicated makeup artist, we would no longer have one . I have volunteered. I have to do my own make-up for the show. While we have a touch-up artist on the set, make-up will be my responsibility. Rati was earlier spending a lockout with her family in Patna. She Flew to Mumbai on 10 June and then left for Umargaon on 12 June.

This lockout was a boon for me. I have made up for lost time with my family and even got the much-needed break. I have spent time with my beloved niece and even have special moments with my family after a long time. What worries me most is how I will get into the habit of shooting during social distancing. Unlike other people, we would not be able to shoot with a mask or even put a sanitizer on me all the time, interacting with so many people. “Though we will follow all the rules and precautions. I am in a strict 14-day self-quarantine period before starting again. Also, daily schedules and huge amounts of going back with more than 200 pins in my hair “It will take some time as well,” she said.


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