Seeing Sushmita Sen’s ‘Arya’, Shilpa Shetty said …

Seeing Sushmita Sen’s ‘Arya’, Shilpa Shetty said …

Sushmita Sen’s web series Arya has been released on OTT a few days ago. Everyone is praising the acting of the series and Sushmita. Now recently, Shilpa Shetty has shared a post praising Sushmita. Shilpa shared a photo with Sushmita and wrote, ‘This lockdown has taught me a few things, the first is how important it is to appreciate someone. If you approve something, then also praise it. I feel that we skimp a lot on the issue of appreciation, I saw ‘Arya’ on Sunday and I have to say that I am very happy to see this blistering comeback of yours. ‘

Shilpa further wrote, ‘Sushmita, what a great job, what a performance I liked.’

He further wrote, ‘I wish you all success in every endeavor because you deserve it. My lioness is very proud of you. You won. Best wishes to you my friend. Replying to this post of Shilpa, Sushmita wrote, ‘You really are a beautiful woman. Thank you for always being so generous and kind.

Let us tell you that ‘Arya’ is a family crime-thriller, directed by Ram Madhavani.

Being an outsider, how did you survive in Bollywood industry, know Sushmita Sen’s words

Being an outsider in the industry, he always found himself connected to the industry. Never felt that he was an outsider. He never made himself feel insulted. Whatever Sushmita Sen did with honesty while maintaining her respect.

In a conversation with a news portal, Sushmita Sen said that there are many people from small cities who are coming to Mumbai to try their luck. For them, cinema is like eating and breathing. The hunger for acting in him is commendable. But many people get so excited about acting that they start taking advantage of it.

Sushmita Sen further says that there was a time in my life when I wanted to change my career. Wanted to do something else. I always knew that whatever I do, I will do it with respect and honesty. I will never take the wrong path. Why should not a big filmmaker or actor come with me to work, I will never forget my respect and talent.


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