Singer Sia tweeted and apologized to Cardi B for this reason

Singer Sia tweeted and apologized to Cardi B for this reason

Singer Sia has tweeted recently. In this tweet, Singer Sia has apologized for Cardi B for confusing rapper Nicki Minaj. In this tweet, he said that he himself created “a buffoon”. According to foreign media reports, in a tweet (which has now been deleted), a fan asked the “Chandelier” singer if she would ever collaborate with Minaj and share a picture of the rapper.

In her response, Sia accidentally wrote to Minaj for Cardi B, “I love Cardi B and although I am not a collaborator with her but I would love to collaborate with her any day!” Social media users saw this disturbance and soon the hashtag Sia started trending over this party. One user wrote: “Sia you need to delete this.” According to social media users, Sia has linked it to racism in the deleted tweets. In a tweet, he wrote, “George Floyd was murdered. Let us be one. You think Cardi B and Nikki are so young that they want you to focus on a silly brawl rather than the real news.” “The singer soon realized her senseless, and then apologized for the tweet.

He went on to say, “I completely misunderstood a tweet earlier. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B forgive me if you hear anything about it.” Cardi B and Minaj have not yet commented on it.


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