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Snow Showers Along With Heavy Rainfall is Predicted To Hit UK By The End of November, 2020

With winter setting in, the world has wrapped itself around a blanket to deal with the cold and according to the latest weather forecast, United Kingdom is very likely to experience the first snowfall of this winter by 22nd November, 2020.

According to weather reports, a 100% snowfall is predicted between 16th to 22nd of November this year.

Council Briefing Note – Coping with Winter Weather in Edinburgh. | Dr Scott Arthur

After moderate weather conditions with surprisingly high temperatures throughout the month of October and November, finally the first snow is expected to mark it’s fall.

Heavy rainfall along with snow has also been forcasted. Mentioning which a yellow warning has been generated  across many places like England, Scotland and london.

UK weather forecast: WALL OF SNOW to smash Britain as polar blast freezes November | Weather | News |

With warning of heavy rains, people of UK are asked to stay indoors until weather improves.

Chilled winter breeze from the North or northwest will be entering into various places of UK. Leading to which, various places of UK will experience snowfall and night frosts.

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