To support UK innovation, Viasat has joined the Harwell Space Cluster

Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), which is a world leader in satellite communications, said that it has joined together with the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus’s Space Cluster in search of new technologies and research collaborations.

With over 1,400 individuals employed across over 100 business and public sector companies, such as the UK Space Agency as well as the European Space Agency (ESA), Harwell has been the home to the UK’s biggest concentration of space expertise. According to Harwell, the space sector contributes £5.7 billion to the UK economy.

Viasat is proving its willingness to play an active part within the United Kingdom’s space ecosystem by opening a new office at the Harwell Campus, while also providing its competence in space-based broadband communications systems to the Harwell community.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Viasat, Rick Baldridge, said, “The Harwell Space Cluster is highly acknowledged as a crucial component of the UK’s space industry, bringing together vibrant, innovative firms from throughout the UK and European Union.  We’re hoping to develop connections in the UK that will help us add benefits and new features to our worldwide ViaSat-3 satellite constellation, which will bring broadband internet to the world’s most remote locations. We’re excited to form partnerships with UK organizations in areas including encryption and data security, space safety and sustainability, terminal development, and more.”

ViaSat-3, the first of 3 high-capacity satellites, is set to launch later this year. The constellation is planned to have a total network capacity of more than 3 Terabits per second (Tbps), which is nearly eight times that of Viasat’s existing fleet.

Dr. Joanna Hart, development manager for the Harwell Space Cluster, remarked, “We are happy to welcome Viasat to joining the Harwell Campus.” “It is a forward-thinking communications firm that specializes in collaborating with satellite and space start-ups. Viasat will have access to our world-class space research and technology, allowing them to spot lucrative commercial prospects and next-generation advancements.”

Harwell Campus is keen on capitalizing on rapid advances in space technology and establishing connections with other worldwide space clusters in order to assist the UK in meeting its National Space Strategy target of becoming 10% of the global space economy by 2030.

Viasat is a multinational communications firm that believes the globe can be connected to everyone and everything. Viasat has shaped how militaries, consumers, businesses, and governments, communicate around the world for more than 35 years. Currently, the Company is building the ideal international communications network to enable high-quality, secure, inexpensive, and fast connections that will have an impact on people’s lives wherever they are—on land, in the air, or even at the sea.

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