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Task Mate app: Google launches this new app in India!

Task Mate app

Google began testing in India a new pay-back Task Mate app crowdsourcing software. Much like the Google Opinion Rewards app, the new app rewards small tasks for users. Yet Task Mate promises to pay users in local currencies in lieu of Play Store loans. Reddit’s Patra user (through 9to5Google) first noticed the Task Mate app in the Google Play Store.

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The software is currently available in Early Access. It is “restricted to selected testers” using a reference framework, as can be seen in the attached screenshots. The app provides users with nearby tasks that can be performed for money depending on the Play Store description. Users can then redeem their income via e-wallet connection to the app or the payment partner in the app to redeem it. The Task Mate app offers two types of tasks. First is sitting” or “field tasks – which require users to go to a close-up company.

Task Mate app

Task Mate app features

The app gives you an estimated time to get around if you are expected to do the job anywhere in the vicinity. The value of a job can also be seen, but the screenshots seem to only suggest the price in dollars. Tasks such as shopfront photography are recorded to help Google develop mapping services and allow businesses online. You can opt to miss a job if you’re not involved in or unable to do it.

Also, You will need to connect your account to a third party processor for payment purposes. You can enter your e-wallet or account information by using the Task Mate app on your payment partner when you are prepared to cash out the money you receive by tasks, visit your profile page, and press cashout. After that in your local currency, you can withdraw money, as defined in the app. The time available for more users to try out Task Mate is not clear.

Task Mate app

The data collected from these tasks would allow Google to “improve mapping and connect businesses to your local area.” In comparison, the sitting tasks involve such items as sentence transcript or sentences captured on the app. Although this listing does not go into any further information regarding the tasks, it reveals that the tasks will be “inclusive” and that they will come from “enterprises throughout the world.”

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